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Confidently Assert Your Rights In Employment Law And Labor Disputes

The Law Offices of Edward R. Theobald provides seasoned advocacy in labor law and employment litigation. When you have a renowned trial lawyer standing up for you, you can take that scary step of filing claims against an employer to hold them accountable for workplace sexual harassment, illegal discrimination or violations of your labor rights.

Edward Theobald represents individuals and employee groups in employment-related claims and disputes in Cook County, DuPage County and the surrounding jurisdictions. He brings five decades of courtroom experience, including insights as a former prosecutor and as a legal adviser to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

Experienced Employment Lawyer Helping Employees Pursue Justice And Accountability

Turn to the Law Offices of Edward R. Theobald for skilled and spirited advocacy in any facet of labor and employment law, including:

  • Sexual harassment or sexual assault in the workplace
  • Sex discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Race or national origin discrimination
  • Disability discrimination and failure to accommodate
  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliation by employers for reporting misconduct or filing claims
  • Breach of employment contract
  • Administrative review and disciplinary hearings
  • Collective bargaining disputes

Mr. Theobald can explain your rights and your remedies under Illinois employment laws and federal labor regulations. He will guide you through the entire legal process, including lawsuits for damages against an employer who has willfully wronged you or failed in a duty to investigate complaints and protect you.

Advocacy For Victims Of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Despite clear laws and employee training and the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment continues to vex many women in the workplace. You should not have to endure sexual advances or discriminatory treatment that creates a hostile work environment. You should not have to trade sexual favors to keep your job or advance in the company. You should never have to “just ignore” harassment or stalking by a co-worker or supervisor.

The employment lawyer at the Law Offices of Edward R. Theobald has successfully represented employees in the Chicago area in claims against employers for sexual harassment. You have grounds to sue your employer if you have been subjected to:

  • Sexual assault at work or at a work-related function
  • Groping, unwanted hugs or sexual touching
  • Unwelcome come-ons and pressure for dates
  • Stalking behavior by a colleague
  • Sexual gestures or sexual language aimed at you
  • Lewd comments about your body
  • Quid pro quo demands for sex in exchange for perks or continued employment
  • Demeaning treatment based on your gender

The key to success in a sexual harassment claim is documentation. You need to demonstrate either a pattern of repeated behaviors or conduct so egregious that one instance constitutes harassment. You need to show that you reported the misconduct to your employer or took other steps to put the offender on notice. Witness testimony from colleagues or others can also lend powerful support to your case.

Mr. Theobald is a patient and compassionate listener who takes note of the key details. He will guide you through the proper procedures to build the foundation for a sexual harassment suit. He is a veteran litigator of more than 100 jury trials and 1,000 bench trials, including lawsuits for sexual harassment and retaliation.

Notable Achievements In Employment Law

As an outside attorney, Mr. Theobald advised the Cook County sheriff on many labor and employment issues, such as the Shakman decrees, which established the first mandatory drug testing program for law enforcement officers in Chicago’s Cook County, and negotiated original collective bargaining agreements with the Sheriff’s Police and Court Services departments. Some of these involved the following:

  • The first successful challenge to the Chicago Police Department’s mandatory retirement age
  • The first successful political employment discrimination case brought by a public employee exempt from protections of the Shakman decrees
  • The successful challenge to the discriminatory promotion practices by the chief of the Chicago Police Department in the command ranks
  • The successful challenge to the Chicago Board of Education’s alleged reform policy to “remediate” teachers of the Chicago public schools in order to “re-culture” their staffs
  • The successful representation of a female plaintiff against her former employer for sexual discrimination, battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • Mr. Theobald successfully argued before the Supreme Court of the United States in Madigan v. Levin, 12-872, where the Supreme Court dismissed the Attorney General’s appeal of the 7th Circuit decision, which allowed age discrimination cases filed under the 14th Amendment in Levin v. Madigan, 692 F. 3d 607 (7th Circuit).

Discover How Employment Lawyer Edward Theobald Can Help

Find out if you have an actionable case. To arrange a consultation with an experienced employment lawyer, call the Law Offices of Edward R. Theobald in Lisle, Illinois, at 312-346-9246 or email Mr. Theobald to give a few details about your situation.