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The Law Offices of Edward R. Theobald delivers seasoned legal advocacy in the Chicago area. Edward Theobald draws on extensive litigation and trial experience – including his background as a former prosecutor – to protect his clients in employment disputes, personal injury claims, criminal proceedings and other legal conflicts.
Skilled Legal Advocacy In Cook County And DuPage County Since 1974
Labor And Employment Law
Personal Injury
Car Accidents
Labor And Employment Law
Personal Injury
Car Accidents

Harness Decades Of Courtroom Experience

With a career spanning five decades, attorney Edward R. Theobald is recognized as a pillar in the Illinois legal community. As a former prosecutor and veteran attorney who has battled it out in over 100 jury trials and 1,000 bench trials, Mr. Theobald’s extensive courtroom experience is the foundation of his successful track record. Whether you are fighting an insurance company, standing up for your employee rights or confronting criminal charges, at the Law Offices of Edward R. Theobald, you have a staunch advocate who has prevailed in complex legal battles.
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Vigorous Advocacy For Employment Rights

Asserting your employment rights can be daunting, but with a renowned trial lawyer backing you up, you can confidently demand justice if your employer has wronged you or failed to protect you.

Mr. Theobald advocates for employees in labor law and employment actions such as claims of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.

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Championing The Rights Of Injury Victims

People injured in motor vehicle collisions and other accidents through no fault of their own are often victimized a second time by penny-pinching insurance companies that are hostile to their claims.

Mr. Theobald’s personal injury practice is devoted to securing fair compensation for those who were harmed by the negligence of others. He can pursue your rightful damages in the aftermath of injuries caused by a careless driver, medical negligence, unsafe property conditions or other dangers that were not your fault. He is a tough negotiator and skilled litigator who will stand up to insurers and big corporations on your behalf.


Experienced And Respected

A respected figure in Illinois’ legal circles, Mr. Theobald merges his rich experience with a personal touch. Before private practice, he served as an assistant state’s attorney in Chicago and supervisor in the Cook County State’s Attorney Felony Trial Division as well as the legal adviser to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. He has always been involved in professional organizations, including the Board of Managers of the Chicago Bar Association.

In addition to his civil practice in employment and injury law, Mr. Theobald is well known for his formidable criminal defense advocacy, including for those accused of violent felonies and federal crimes.

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Edward R. Theobald